June 19, 2023

ChatGPT’s Impact on AI-Related Crypto Assets. Research results.

The dawn of a new era was heralded with the introduction of OpenAI’s transformative language model, ChatGPT. Its launch sent ripples through the investor community, reigniting interest in neural network technologies and sparking an unexpected boom in a distinct, yet associated domain – AI-related cryptocurrencies. The “ChatGPT effect” was palpable, leading to a paradigm shift in how we perceive and value AI and its intertwined relationship with digital currencies.

With an ingenious application of the synthetic difference-in-difference method, researchers were able to quantify this impact, highlighting AI-linked digital currencies’ remarkable returns in the immediate aftermath of ChatGPT’s inception. The numbers were beyond impressive; these innovative assets experienced an average yield between 10.7% and 15.6% in the first month, skyrocketing further to between 35.5% and 41.3% over a two-month duration.

These financial gains were not born in a vacuum. The rising Google search volumes for AI, serving as a measure of public attention to the technology, have been identified as crucial pricing determinants for these crypto assets.

So, what do these changes signify for our society, and where do they lead us?

The rise in the valuation of AI-focused digital currencies in the wake of ChatGPT’s launch has far-reaching implications. It underscores a radical shift in societal attitudes towards new technologies, transcending beyond the realm of niche tech enthusiasts. OpenAI has demystified artificial intelligence for the masses, helping society realize the technology’s potential. It’s an emphatic declaration that we are willing to invest in a future increasingly defined by artificial intelligence.

Going forward, we can expect the deepening and expansion of such integrations. The ChatGPT effect has set a precedent that other technologies will likely follow, leading to an ever-expanding portfolio of AI-related crypto assets. As these areas continue to intersect and evolve, we can expect the creation of more sophisticated, efficient, and secure digital financial systems, driving us further into a future dominated by decentralized finance and AI technologies.