March 3, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum's Upcoming Shanghai Upgrade

One of the first anticipated Ethereum’s 2023 upgrades, Shanghai, is coming this March. It will enable network validators to release ETH that has been staked on the protocol's smart contract. This is the first time this functionality will be available since ETH staking began in 2020.

In this new Hackernoon story, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov takes a closer look at this much anticipated Ethereum’s upgrade and its possible influence on the crypto market.

February 17, 2023

The Biggest NFT Rug Pulls in History: How to Identify Crypto Scams

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been rocked by a series of "rug pulls" — a term used to describe sudden and unexpected collapses of NFT projects that result in a loss of investments for their contributors. Despite the growing popularity of NFTs and their potential to revolutionize the art and collectibles industries, these rug pulls have cast a shadow over the credibility of the NFT market and raised questions about the security of NFT investments.

In this new Hackernoon story, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov, shares his thoughts on fraud in the NFT sphere. How it works and how to protect yourself from scams in NFT projects.

Sometimes it happens that an investor invests money in a promising and attractive project at first glance. In order to check the safety of the project one needs to spend a lot of time, therefore some people invest at their own risk. At the beginning the assets seem to grow in price at an enormous rate. But at some point, their cost drops to zero, and the developers disappear and do not get in touch.

This phenomenon is called rug pull, or “carpet pulling”. In such schemes, the project team abandons the project and disappears with all the investors' money before the fraud is revealed. Previously, this was common mainly in the cryptocurrency market, but cases of fraud have become more frequent in the NFT sphere. In the article we will tell you how to identify rug pull and not to fall into the hands of scammers.

February 10, 2023

We were nominated for the Best Listing Agency of Blockchain Life Awards 2023!

We are honored to be nominated for the Blockchain Life 2023 Forum Awards 2023 in the category of the Best Listing Agency. The voting ends in 9 days, so please hurry up to show your support and vote for us!

Blockchain Life 2023 is the 10th annual event on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining, which takes place on February 27-28 in Dubai. The most anticipated event of 2023 gathers more than 4000 participants at the innovative venue Atlantis The Palm. We will have a booth there, so let’s take this opportunity to meet in person at the Forum.

January 31, 2023

Top 7 Crypto Events in 2023

2022 was a challenging year for the crypto industry. Nevertheless, it gave the crypto space a lot to consider and study. It's time to build new services and products. We see these ideas thriving during the many crypto events we visit and participate in.

Furthermore, there are a lot of events planned for 2023, and most of them are centered in crypto hubs like Dubai, Austin, and Singapore. So in this new Hackernoon story, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov shares his top 7 crypto events for this year.

January 16, 2023

Blockchain Life 2023, Dubai, February 27–28


The 10th Global Forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining Blockchain Life 2023 takes place on February 27–28 in Dubai.

Having started in 2017, the forum quickly became one of the TOP-3 events worldwide in the cryptocurrency industry.

The forum is attended by key industry players, government representatives, heads of international companies and funds, investors, promising startups teams and beginners.

What to expect?

– networking with 4000 attendees from all around the world and meeting business executives from top companies in the industry

– exhibition area with 100 booths of digital companies

– speeches by world-leading experts in the conference hall

– the greatest AfterParty on the luxury yacht “LOTUS”

Participants will find promising startups to invest in, meet new business partners and learn about all the relevant ways to make money with cryptocurrencies from industry leaders. The event program also includes a discussion about profiting on the latest trends: the metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, P2P trading, cryptocurrency arbitrage and more.


Beginners in cryptocurrencies will be able to take their first step in the industry, while professionals will significantly expand their network of business contacts and find new business partners. Blockchain Life is a universal platform for development in the industry of cryptocurrencies.

Where and when?

February 27 - 28, Dubai, Atlantis the Palm.

Buy a ticket now

December 6, 2022

Crypto Moving towards ESG: What Is Regenerative Finance (ReFi)?

Crypto's impact on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has recently become a point of contention. The past decade has seen a growing interest in ESG issues among investors. This trend appears to be driven by many factors, including increasing awareness of the risks associated with climate change and other environmental issues, as well as a growing recognition of the importance of social and governance factors in creating long-term value.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, ESG generally refers to a coin's impact on these three areas. For example, a cryptocurrency focused on energy efficiency would be considered to have a strong ESG profile. As more and more investors seek to align their portfolios with their personal values, the crypto industry is moving towards ESG.

In this new story on Finance Magnates, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov, shared his thoughts on Regenerative Finance (ReFi), a manifestation of the ESG trend, which focuses on building sustainability-related projects and helps build a more equitable and regenerative economy.

November 2, 2022

Partnership agreements with the Infinity Rocket company

Infinity Rocket is now developing the full cycle Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform that allows to simplify the launch and promotion of the new projects on blockchain.

If you have a project idea or a token ready for launching on the exchanges, then the Infinity Rocket launchpad is definitely a great option to start and attract investments on.

What is so special about Infinity Rocket?

– Infinity Rocket team executes complex support of the project launch;

– Works on the project strategy and makes the development plan; solves marketing, web, and IT tasks;

– They launch projects from scratch;

– The investors pool, community, and network of influencers allow investors to attract and give an initial impulse to a start-up.

Infinity Rocket owes unique tools for token price management on the exchanges and proven promotion and investment attraction strategies.

IRT token is our company’s own token (18,7 K holders). It is successfully traded on 4 exchanges.

Attract investments with the Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform! Send an application to submit it to

Infinity Rocket Launchpad

Infinity Rocket website

Telegram channel

November 1, 2022

Nascent DeFi Trends Solving Critical Liquidity Problems of Bear Market

The main hurdle for the further development of the DeFi sector for now is a lack of liquidity. In this new Hackernoon story, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov shares his thoughts on nascent DeFi trends that are trying to solve this lack of liquidity.

People tend to look for the guilty, so conversations sounded on the sidelines, and investigations and assumptions appeared on the network to whom it is beneficial. The names of the founder of the FTX exchange and the trading company Alameda Research Sam Bankman Fried sounded louder than others. We figured out what is interesting about Alameda Research and is there any reason for any accusations.

May 31, 2022

Hero or antagonist – why is everyone talking about Alameda research

This spring was not easy for the cryptocurrency market. The fall of several stablecoins, the collapse of Luna Foundation, and the negative impact of the traditional stock market on the cost of cryptocurrencies provoked panic and painted the candlesticks charts of all coins in red.

People tend to look for the guilty, so conversations sounded on the sidelines, and investigations and assumptions appeared on the network to whom it is beneficial. The names of the founder of the FTX exchange and the trading company Alameda Research Sam Bankman Fried sounded louder than others. We figured out what is interesting about Alameda Research and is there any reason for any accusations.

Alameda Research is a trading company founded by famous crypto community person Sam Bankman Fried in 2017. Initially, the company began to earn money on arbitration transactions with bitcoin. The company bought a cryptocurrency on the exchange in the United States and sold it at the exchange in Japan at a greater price. But the firm ran into difficulty in the beginning because Japanese banks unwillingly opened accounts for crypto companies. So, in the name Alameda appeared the "Research" prefix – for the research fund, banks opened accounts much faster.

The strategy for earnings on the difference in the price of bitcoin on exchanges in different countries is known as “Kimchi Premium”. In 2017-2018, many traders earned their capital on the exchanges in South Korea. SBF chose the same strategy, but in the market of Japan. So after a year, Alameda Research became a large trade company with a transaction volume of about $ 25 million per day.

At the same time, the Alameda team created the FTX crypto exchange. There was no convenient tool for professional traders on the market and its exchange was supposed to close this need. In addition to trading, Alameda has new tools for earnings: tokenized stocks trading, derivatives, leveraged tokens, and a convenient interface for market making.

Gradually, this turns the company into one of the most influential in the market. Alameda Research today is not only a company that provides trading services, market making, and OTC Quoting – it is also a large investment fund, which was involved in the start of many successful startups. In the portfolio of the fund are the Solana blockchain, DeFi application for deposits and savings Anchor, DEX aggregator 1inch, the Move-2-Earn project STEPN, and many others.

At first sight, Alameda Research seems just a very successful company, but its name often arises in connection with scandals of recent years. Several experts suspect the company and sometimes accuse it of manipulations of the market and the cost of cryptocurrencies, and the use of insider information to make a profit.

For example, in August of last year, an investigation was published that argued that Alameda, together with Cumberland Global company, owns more than 55% of the total emission of Tether Stablecoin (USDT). It would seem anything criminal, the firm can buy as many stablecoins as it pleases, it isn't forbidden, but most cryptocurrencies are traded on exchanges in pairs with USDT. That allows the theoretical possibility that Alameda's market makers can directly affect the price of almost all popular crypto assets.

The rapid growth of the popularity of the Solana blockchain is also associated with the company and directly with SBF. It is known that Alameda Research was one of the leading investors in SOL, and Sam Bankman Fried held several active promotions on his Twitter, which favorably influenced the cost of SOL and made it the 5th coin in the list of Coinmarketcap. However, this can hardly be called a scandal, that is more likely a common practice in the crypto world.

However, there are more significant accusations. In March 2021, Alameda Research exchanged mutual claims in mass media with the Reef DeFi project. The Reef team said the fund transferred tokens, which were received as part of the first tranche of financing to the Binance Exchange. This forced Reef founders to doubt the intentions of long-term cooperation and they broke the agreement. Alameda reacted with return charges of disrupting the transaction and an unfair attitude. Who was right and who was to blame did not find out, but the scandal goes sideways for the project – the price of Reef tokens after the tweet of Alameda’s CEO Sam Trabucco lost 19% within one day.

In the spring of 2022, several high-profile falls occurred in a row, in which some experts also accused the SBF's research fund. It all started with the fall of the WAVES price – the coin of a blockchain platform with the same name. Which led to a temporary loss of pegging to the dollar exchange rate of the USD Neutrino algorithmic stablecoin.

Then the founder of WAVES Sasha Ivanov directly accused the company of manipulating the market to earn money. He claimed that Alameda Research took a large Waves tokens pool, and then organized a FUD campaign on Twitter to earn on a fall in prices. However, Ivanov does not bring sensible evidence, and Sam when he was asked by subscribers, calls the accusations a "bullshit conspiracy theory".

The collapse of the algorithmic stablecoin UST and Luna token, unlike the fall of Waves, shocked the entire crypto market. In just a few days, many private investors and large companies suffered multimillion-dollar losses. Most mass media and investigators did not connect the incident of Terra with Alameda Research, but some bloggers and private experts did.

However, in addition to loud statements, we were not able to find obvious evidence of the fund's involvement in this case. Several investigations appeared, including the recent by Nansen consulting company, which proves that large funds were withdrawn through the Anchor protocol a day before losing the pegging to the dollar - but the traces led to other market whales. The only thing you can suspect SBF is in dislike for algorithmic stablecoin, which he regularly writes in his long threads on Twitter.

But for some part of the community, all of the above is enough to record Alameda Research as the kingmaker of the market. Yes, the influence of Sam and his projects on the entire industry is huge, but it is not the fact that it's bad.

Some experts on the contrary believe that Alameda is working on the growth and development of the industry, improving the system and market security. Even if we assume that the company is related to the manipulation of the market, at that moment it is not illegal, because there are no laws and regulations as such.

The panic around algorithmic stablecoins once again proves that the technology for reinforcing the volatile asset with other volatile assets is too raw and can only harm the market. If the asset is easy to collapse, then it cannot be called stable and for the sustainability of the entire system, it is better to get rid of such projects.

May 30, 2022

Find A Job in Crypto: CoinMarketCap Vs. AngelList Vs. Indeed

In 2022 crypto sentiments cooled down, but not the opportunities in the crypto market. As demand for cryptocurrencies continues to rise to new levels, so do job openings. According to a recent report, crypto-related job postings saw more than a 110% increase since September 2020.

While job listings are exploding, not only crypto companies are on a hiring spree, but mainstream giants are also opening special blockchain and crypto departments and onboarding talent to lead them.

In this new Hackernoon story, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov shares his thoughts on what a person can do if he wants to make blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere the main occupation.

April 30, 2022

DeFi sector risks: why financial market regulators don't trust decentralized finance

DeFi Decentralized Finance is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the crypto economy. According to the DeFi lama resource, this sector's total value locked (TVL) exceeded $205 billion in April 2022. Of course, such a growing market cannot but worry traditional financial institutions, so there is more and more talk about the need for government control and regulation of DeFi.

This spring, several financial organizations published their reports about the decentralized finance sector, including the International Organization of Securities Commissions, IOSCO, and the consulting company PWC. These papers primarily describe the risks of DeFi and the potential for its regulation.

The decentralized finance sector is young, therefore, like any developing system, it has problems that have yet to be solved. Regulators of the financial services market highlight several risks that DeFi has – scammers, technical failures in blockchain, lack of proper audit of smart contracts, fake decentralization, and others.

However, after reviewing the report, our analysts concluded that most of the DeFi problems that concern regulators are also inherent in the traditional financial system. For example, the number of users deceived by classic financial institutions related to manipulation and confusing terms of contracts, is just as high, despite the regulation of these areas.

Experts highlight the technological risks associated with the complexity of blockchain networks. DeFi protocols do depend on the blockchains they are built on and can experience bugs and network congestion issues that slow down transactions, making them more costly or sometimes impossible. Yes, failures can happen in blockchains, but they do not always lead to lost funds.

Other concerns are related to smart contracts. On the one hand, open access to smart contract code can facilitate financial innovation, on the other hand, there are no technological restrictions for developers, or licensing qualifications that determine who can deploy, manage and interact with smart contracts. Therefore, it is possible to create contracts with vulnerabilities that expose DeFi users to fraud, theft, and other risks, the IOSCO report writes.

Yes, there are indeed projects that have not audited their smart contracts, which can and should be an alarming sign for users. Most DeFi services, on the contrary, aim to undergo an audit procedure to show their probity to the community. There are audit companies, such as CertiK, which, although not licensed because such a license still does not exist, have a proper reputation in the market.

Another issue for IOSCO experts is the decentralization of several projects. Indeed, even though some applications claim to be decentralized, there are DeFi protocols that de facto govern the project. In these cases, there are some unique risks associated with the ownership of administrative keys and the operation of governance structures.

For example, in cases where the administrative key is assigned to one company or individual who can change a smart contract or protocol. When the owner of an administrative key has unilateral control over user funds stored in a smart contract or protocol, there are many risks, from the possibility of losing the key to cybersecurity issues, such as extortion threats or hacking by third parties. Unfortunately, these problems exist and DeFi developers have yet to find a solution to them.

The growth of DeFi projects and the likely risks for potential users and investors are prompting government institutions to start the conversation about the need to regulate this market. However, the nature of DeFi service protocols makes regulation, if not impossible, then very problematic. To date, no state has come close to resolving this issue.

Most crypto experts are inclined to believe that authorities first need to deal with the regulation of the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. As for DeFi, it seems to us that the probable way is not so much regulation as a proposal for cooperation. Existing and future DeFi services should take into account the experience of traditional finance to improve their products and services and solve the problems of cybersecurity, business openness, and transparency.

Most DeFi developers are ready for this – for example, in June 2021, IOSCO organized an event attended by representatives of major regulators and DeFi projects such as the decentralized exchange Uniswap. The organization has also created a DeFi working group led by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw said that the organization does not see a threat in DeFi, but sees a certain challenge and opportunity to rethink the entire traditional financial system. If this position continues, it can be assumed that such cooperation will make DeFi a convenient, safe, and mainstream tool for everyone. We will be following developments.

April 29, 2022

What’s Coming Next for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)?

Bored Ape Yacht Club are NFT-pictures of apes, looking bored. Somehow, since they were launched in April 2021, these rare NFTs (only 10,000 in existence) have become incredibly popular and expensive. Ultimately, they sold the most valuable ‘Solid Gold’ fur Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, for 1080.69 ETH.

Now there’s a flourishing secondary market for Bored Ape NFTs and Yuga Labs has aimed high. In this new story, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov is considering whether we are in the early stages of the creation of an active and healthy NFT art market or, is this a sign of even something bigger?

March 31, 2022

Not only digital art: how NFT can become useful

Non-fungible tokens have been the #1 topic throughout 2021. Distinguished digital art projects, token sales at Sotheby's and Christie's, marketing collaborations from Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and other high-profile projects have fueled the hype. According to Coinmarketcap, the market capitalization of non-fungible tokens has already crossed the $10 billion mark. Despite the exciting success story, there are still opinions that NFTs are inherently worthless. In our opinion, this is not the case and we see an excellent potential for the development of NFT projects with utility. Here are 5 new use cases for NFT that we are looking forward to.

Real estate. We spend a lot of time and money searching, buying and processing real estate transactions. There are many difficulties: false information in ads, high commissions of realtors, non-transparent history of objects, bureaucratic delays in registration, etc. NFT technologies can solve most of these problems. For example, all information about an object can be written in a token - the history of construction and modifications, the number of owners, price changes, and so on. In addition, NFTs can be used to verify ownership, facilitate transactions, and complete a deal.

The medicine. In many countries, the patient does not have a general medical record or permanent access to it. At best, a general medical history is stored in health insurance databases. But if a person does not have insurance, or he received medical care in another country, the information is lost. The entire medical history of a person can be stored in the form of NFT from birth and does not depend on a medical provider, city or country. Blockchain technologies will ensure the security of this data - all medical information will be available only to authorized workers. Doctors will not need to spend time getting information from the patient, and hospitals will not need to spend server resources for storing medical records. Access to this information by research companies will help make breakthroughs in medicine and drug development.

Product authenticity guarantee. People deal with food counterfeits every day. Most of all, this concerns the market of medicines, nutritional supplements and luxury alcohol. When a person buys a fake bottle of Chateau Margaux 78, he only risks money, but taking fake medicines can be very harmful to health. The NFT ID for each product will guarantee authenticity, quality composition and all the way from the manufacturer to the buyer.

Copyright and patent law. Intellectual property is one of the most defenseless. It can be difficult to prove the authorship or origin of an idea. Patent law is also imperfect, because the decision to grant a patent lies with third parties, who are often less competent. There have been cases in history when all the glory for an invention went to the one who managed to file an application with the patent office, and not to the creator. NFT can put an end to disputes over the protection of intellectual property - the data in the token is immutable and will work as evidence in court. In addition, with the help of NFT, it is possible to assign the rights to any part of the invention to the author, which is important when working in a team and is impossible in the current copyright.

Games and the Metaverse. NFTs are already actively used in the gaming industry - the GameFi segment is growing and we have already written about it. Avatars, clothes, ammunition and other in-game attributes are gradually becoming the property of the players, not the game publisher. However, there is room for improvement. For example, if your avatar is NFT, it is easier to protect it from hacking and data loss. In addition, it will simplify all money transactions in the game and make them safe. The use of NFT technologies will speed up the cross-platform transition: one character - different games.

We have not listed all possible areas - the potential of the NFT is wider and is able to eventually defeat the bureaucracy. Of course, there are environmental hurdles – the high carbon footprint of NFTs. But with the transition of Ethereum to the new proof-of-stake protocol and the appearance of tokens in greener networks, this problem can be solved. The future is not as far away as it seems, more and more useful tokens are being created - for example, a new Alfa Romeo SUV with an NFT guarantee that collects all the information on the operation of the car. Let's see who's next.

March 1, 2022

Analysts of Listing.Help: GameFi investment reached record highs in early 2022

DappRadar released its blockchain games report in January. According to the report, investors invested more than $1 billion in the GameFi projects, which is a quarter of the total investment in 2021. Listing.Help CEO Sergey Khitrov has already expressed the opinion that play-to-earn games will become favorites in 2022 among game developers. This confirms the mood of investors.

In January, cryptocurrency investment company Mechanism Capital launched “Mechanism Play” fund for blockchain game developers. The fund's capital amounted to $100 million. Head of platforms at Mechanism Capital, Mark Wannstein, believes that now the play-to-earn industry has great potential. However, the foundation aims to support games that people will want to play, regardless of the crypto incentives. The company sees a big future for mobile games, so Steve Cho, formerly for the App Store, was hired to lead the fund.

Startup Banger Games has raised €10 million to create a blockchain-based gaming hub, according to ForkLog. The platform will bring together gamers from different platforms and give them an additional incentive in the form of rewards. The creators plan to connect different games from classic to the newest p2e games to their platform and hold tournaments with rewards in project tokens. The first game connected to the platform was Counter Strike.

NFT game developer from Hong Kong Animoca Brands has raised $358 million. The round was led by Liberty City Ventures. The company is the developer of the NFT game F1 Delta Time and one of the most famous virtual worlds – The Sandbox. The funds will be directed to the development of web 3.0 and the development of an open meta-universe.

Cryptocurrency exchanges also felt the mood of investors. Binance has partnered with South Korean mobile game developer Netmarble. The companies have agreed to create an ecosystem for P2E games and NFTs based on BNB Chain. Bitcoin exchange FTX has announced the launch of its own gaming division. FTX Gaming will create a crypto-as-a-service platform. The service will help game publishers implement blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs in their products.

However, most fans of classic games do not like the publishers' moves towards NFTs and play-to-earn games. Cult publishers Konami and Ubisoft have been criticized by their players. The studio GSC Game World had to abandon the idea to introduce NFT technology in their new release S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 due to negative user reaction.

Criticism of GameFi is related to the fact that gamers do not yet have confidence in most P2E projects. They consider them created for money and fraud, not entertainment. The latest major investments in the GameFi sector are focused primarily on the development of games with quality gameplay. This will help change the attitude towards the industry and attract the most conservative gamers.

February 28, 2022

What is Bitcoin halving? How can it stir crypto markets?

Halving is one of the most important events for the Bitcoin Blockchain. It happens once every four years and has implications for almost every stakeholder within the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

To date, there have been 3 Bitcoin Halving events (in 2012, 2016 & 2020), and each of them has caused quite a stir. But what is Bitcoin halving, and how does it work?

In anticipation of the coming new Bitcoin halving, our Founder & CEO Sergei Khitrov shared his thoughts on its peculiarities in a recent story on CNBC TV18. Furthermore, he observed that the trading volume of Bitcoin skyrocketed a month before and after the halving event, indicating increased investor enthusiasm.

January 26, 2022

Top 7 Crypto Events in 2022

From 2020 to 2021, cryptocurrency events have suffered significantly. Very few events were held due to covid restrictions around the world. Few conferences were able to move their events online. This is why the 2022 events are garnering such strong attention, and organizers are working on a whole range of offline solutions to ensure interest in cryptocurrencies is not just online.

In 2021, the popularity of cryptocurrencies and NFT in the media and the Internet soared. The interest resulted in a significant increase in attendance at cryptocurrency conferences. There are a lot of events planned for 2022, so in this article, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov, wants to share his top 7 crypto events for this year.

January 10, 2022

Why Are CryptoPunks So Expensive and What Will Happen to Them in 2022?

In 2021, NFTs' popularity skyrocketed. And one of the most popular among them has been CryptoPunks, whose value rose in tandem with their traction.

In this new story, our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov, overviewed the history and the current state of CryptoPunks as one of the most expensive NFTs out there. It actually makes up 3 out of the top 5 most expensive NFTs ever sold.

Sergei revealed that CryptoPunks had become a part of the social status game as only a handful of people have them or can afford to buy them. Ultimately, as time passes by, the value of this collection is likely to increase. That's why he can see the spread of fractionalized ownership of CryptoPunks soon, as it becomes the main method for most people to own this kind of NFT.

November 30, 2021

Key factors for token listing

Binance CEO CZ and Listing.Help CEO Sergei Khitrov talked with Cointelegraph about the key factor for token listing on exchanges.

You can find the full article on the Cointelegraph website.

November 29, 2021

Check the latest interview of our CEO Sergei Khitrov for the HackerNoon 2021 Noonies Awards

Sergei Khitrov as a nominee of HackerNoon 2021 Noonies Awards, recently gave an interview to HackerNoon. He talked about his career, his views on crypto and investments.

November 18, 2021

Support our CEO Sergei Khitrov in the HackerNoon 2021 Noonies Awards

HackerNoon is one of the best places for technologists to read, write, and publish. This year it will hold the 3rd annual HackerNoon Noonies Awards, which is rumored to be the biggest year yet. Our CEO Sergei Khitrov was nominated there in the two following categories.

HackerNoon's DeFi Degen of 2021

HackerNoon's NFT Wizard of 2021

So, please do check out these award pages and share your support!

Instructions for voting can be found here!

November 1, 2021

Mining, Business, and DeFi: Listing.Help at TerraСrypto 3.0

Our team tries to be as open as possible and attend as many cryptocurrency events as possible. Perhaps one of the best events this year was the Terracrypto 3.0 cryptocurrency forum.

This year's TerraCrypto 3.0 forum was held on September 23 in Moscow. It was dedicated to current blockchain issues, the current state of the industry, and its development prospects.

The TerraCrypto Forum's agenda was on new trends in the crypto-industry: the new financial instruments DeFi and NFT. More than 370 attendees of the crypto community discussed the impact of cryptocurrencies on the global economy in a pandemic, regulatory issues, GameFi, the reasons and outcomes of the ban of mining in China, the adoption of digital assets in Russia.

Our team participated in a whole range of activities at the forum: a speech by our founder and CEO Sergey Khitrov, work at the booth, and networking.

Thanks to such events, our team understands that offline events remain indispensable. The online format is still unable to replace the emotion and density of a live forum.

Later this year we will surely go to new events in Europe and Dubai, and we will be glad to meet offline again. At the same time, we're already planning trips to significant events in the cryptocurrency industry next year.

Read more

October 21, 2021

Let’s meet at the Blockchain Life 2021 Forum!

Blockchain Life 2021 is the 7th annual event on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFT and mining in Russia and Europe, which takes place on October 27-28 in Moscow.

The most anticipated event of 2021 gathers more than 4000 participants at the innovative venue Music Media Dome. We will exhibit there, so let’s take this opportunity to meet in person at the Forum.

Among the participants and exhibitors of the forum: the leading global companies of the cryptocurrency industry, investors and funds, business owners, startups, miners, government officials, and other special guests.

Use code listinghelp on the site to get 10% off your tickets!

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August 10, 2021

Ethereum Hardfork: Fundamental Changes Coming To The Second Largest Crypto

The famous EIP-1559, one of the most anticipated updates for Ethereum and the entire cryptocurrency industry in 2021, was finally rolled out on August 4 as the part of London Hard Fork.

In this new story, Sergei Khitrov answers why EIP-1559 attracted so much attention from the cryptocurrency community, and what it will change.

Sergei revealed that EIP-1559 is crucial to Ethereum's economic model. This very update is also known as the "ETH token burning mechanism". And ETH burning implies an increasing ETH scarcity as more and more of it will be burned through transaction fees.

July 22, 2021

Sergei Khitrov at the 7th Global Blockchain Congress by Agora Group in Dubai

The 7th edition of the world-renowned flagship Global Blockchain Congress by Agora Group took place on June 21st & 22nd 2021 in Dubai. Our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov, took part in the panel discussion “Building the bridge between NFT and DeFi”. He shared his modern views on the recent trends in the DeFi industry and NFT space.

The first six editions of the Global Blockchain congress were a tremendous success and we were able to host more than 500 investors and more than 140 blockchain startups and were able to raise millions in funds for our participating projects.

This is not a conference nor an exhibition. This is an exclusive, closed-door, congress between investors and hand-picked Blockchain & DeFi projects looking to raise funds. It is the only event of its kind and it will bring together qualified investors (VCs, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, Crypto Funds and High Networth Individuals) with Blockchain & DeFi startups looking to raise funds.

July 9, 2021

Bitcoin in DeFi: An Introduction

Bitcoin is still king in the cryptocurrency sphere. It is eloquently demonstrated by the dominance index and the recently updated ATH. However, the past year has shown that it is now possible to earn in the cryptocurrency sphere by investing in an asset and using it in the DeFi ecosystem. And what is about Bitcoin?

In this story, Sergei Khitrov goes through new and emerging technologies that help bridge the gap between the two. The more people realize the benefits, the more opportunities there are to develop both. For example, people are creating protocols to bring bitcoin to Ethereum-based DeFi - because the opportunity to capitalize on the new technology and increase the liquidity of existing assets is driving the community.

Having more decentralized protocols in the cryptocurrency space will make a significant shift. The more technologies and products that allow bitcoin and DeFi to interact, the more unprecedented the future of both fields will be.

June 15, 2021

Listing.Help at AIBC Summit Dubai: the Interview to Blocktoq

Blocktoq met with Viktor Mikhaylov, our Business Development Manager, at our booth at AIBC Summit Dubai recently. Hope you also were there, as the Summit was huge!

Viktor revealed a few details about the very process of listing coins and tokens. Moreover, he shared our plans and challenges! Check the interview and stay tuned!

June 1, 2021

Listing.Help at Blockchain Life 2021: the Record-breaking Crypto Forum

In the blog on Medium, we share our highlights and takeaways from the trip to Blockchain Life 2021.

Our team attends the Blockchain Life forum every year. This time there was extra attention to the forum: large events in the cryptocurrency industry haven’t been held for more than a year due to coronavirus restrictions.

Kirill and Viktor share their impressions on the Forum and answer why we see Blockchain Life as a crypto event like no other.

This fall, we will go to new events in Europe and Dubai, and we will be happy to meet again offline. Stay tuned!

May 19, 2021

Life After ICO: 4 New Ways to Launch a Token

The ICO model, first used in July 2013, conquered the cryptocurrency market in 2017. The combination of technological innovation, massive media attention, legislative gap, and high profitability created a great stir in fundraising.

Trust in fundraising methods in the cryptocurrency market was lost. However, over the past four years, the models of initial offerings and launch of tokens have undergone significant changes.

In this article, Sergei goes through different types of modern token launches: Initial DEX Offering, Initial Uniswap Listing, Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping, and Liquidity Mining.

March 29, 2021

Let’s meet at the Blockchain Life 2021 Forum!

Blockchain Life 2021 is the 6th annual event on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining in Russia and Europe, which takes place on April 21-22 in Moscow.

The most anticipated event of 2021 gathers more than 4000 participants at the innovative venue Music Media Dome. We will exhibit there, so let’s take this opportunity to meet in person at the Forum.

Among the participants and exhibitors of the forum: the leading global companies of the cryptocurrency industry, investors and funds, business owners, startups, miners, government officials, and other special guests.

Use code listinghelp on the site to get 10% off your tickets!

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March 25, 2021

Far Beyond the NFT Madness

Two months ago, Sergei Khitrov shared his thoughts about the nascent NFT market for the first time. But those days, even Listing.Help analysts didn’t expect such a surge. However, we’re sure nothing interesting is ever completely one-sided.

In this article, Sergei will try to think about the other side of hype as a lot of questions and concerns about NFT-future are buzzing around, making the community and investors puzzled.

March 17, 2021

Is The World Ready for NFTFi - DeFi + NFT?

The two latest thrilling things in the Ethereum ecosystem are NFT and DeFi. Until 2020, these "Money LEGOs" were quite isolated from each other but became the arena of many new projects, innovations, and volume records. And we’re sure that there's more room to grow and blend.

Over the past year, we've seen the crossovers of these two technologies. DeFi + NFT protocols are now some of the most exciting blockchain projects in the industry. In this article on Hackernoon, Sergey reveals projects as niftex, NFTfi, NFTX, etc., and tries to explain the core idea of blending the two mechanics within the Ethereum ecosystem.

March 1, 2021

What Is Bitcoin Halving and Why Does It Matter?

Sergei Khitrov, Founder & CEO of Listing.Help, shared his view on Bitcoin in a recent story on USnews.

“Bitcoin buyers should be aware of halbing as well, since a halving often comes with a large amount of turbulence for the cryptocurrency.

Sergei notes that Coindesk analysts pointed to a surge in Bitcoin trading volumes immediately a month before and a month after each halving.

It's easy to see why – as Bitcoin halving takes place, the supply of available Bitcoins becomes smaller, thus increasing the value of the Bitcoins yet to be mined. And with those fluctuations come the chance to profit.”

February 5, 2021

Meet Sergei Khitrov at The Global DeFi Congress on February 10th in Dubai

The Global DeFi Congress will take place on February 10th 2021 in Dubai and our CEO Sergei Khitrov will have a special speech about Yield Farming in DeFi.

The event is a one-day congress comprised of collaborative strategic discussions on how to best build the open financial system. The congress is a bridge that will bring together investors, regulators, solution providers and subject matter experts to discuss, debate and challenge the existing financial system and propose ideas and opportunities on how to challenge and improve our financial system through DeFi.

The event will be centered on 4 topics:

· Who owns the bridge? The builders of DeFi Platform

· Who regulates the bridge? Regulators and Governance around DeFi

· Who crosses the bridge? End users of DeFi Products

· Who finances the bridge? Investment opportunities and challenges in DeFi

The congress will also focus on raising funds for DeFi projects. The main focus of the event is a series of one on one meetings between DeFi projects looking to raise funds and pre-qualified investors looking to invest into DeFi.

For participation apply here:

Official website

February 4, 2021

6th Global Blockchain Congress by Agora Group on February 9th in Dubai

The 6th edition of the world-renowned flagship Global Blockchain Congress by Agora Group will take place on February 9th and 10th 2021 in Dubai. The first five editions of the Global Blockchain congress were a tremendous success and we were able to host more than 450 investors and more than 90 blockchain startups and were able to raise Millions in funds for our participating projects.

This is not a conference nor an exhibition. This is an exclusive, closed-door, congress between investors and hand-picked Blockchain projects looking to raise funds. It is the only event of its kind and it will bring together qualified investors (VCs, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, Crypto Funds and High Networth Individuals) with Blockchain startups looking to raise funds.

For participation apply here:

Official website

February 2, 2021

7 Pillars of Crypto in 2021 - A Look at DeFi, SoFi, and Legislative Regulation

Trends in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are changing incredibly fast. We can express every year as the blossom of some new thing: 2017 - ICO, 2018 - IEO, 2019 - Stablecoins, 2020 - DeFi. Often trends conquer the market in literally a month, but their history and conceptual development can last years in the shadows for a wide audience.

To keep up-to-date with all that variety, our CEO Sergei Khitrov shared what's worth paying attention to in 2021. And one more thing: he stays away from the tips on trading and predicting the price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. After all, we're here for the technology, right?

January 28, 2021

Listing.Help on Media: What Happens Now?

Our Founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov, shared his views on the trends of the cryptocurrency market in several recent articles on beincrypto, Bloomchain and just launched his column on

“Trends in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are changing incredibly fast. We can express every year as the blossom of some new thing: 2017 - ICO, 2018 - IEO, 2019 - Stablecoins, 2020 - DeFi. Often trends conquer the market in literally a month, but their history and conceptual development can last years in the shadows for a wide audience.”

Stay tuned!

January 18, 2021

Predicting The NFT All-Time High

2020 was great for Non-Fungible Tokens. This market gained volume, fame, and infrastructure. But what all the buzz is about? And what can we expect in 2021? Our CEO Sergei Khitrov shared thoughts on Hackernoon about the future of NFT.

“I see the fascinating parallel between the DeFi and NFT popularity; and how these technologies blend into NFTFi. So you can farm or fractionalize your NFT, use it as collateral, etc. I'm also sure that a huge number of NFTs are going to start to look and act more like fungible tokens over the next couple of years… The possibilities and potential of NFTs are endless.”

December 29, 2020

“The issue of legislative regulation is crucial, and we have specific proposals for it”: Sergei Khitrov at Blockchain Life 2020

One of the main panel discussions at the Blockchain Life 2020 forum was the discussion of the legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia. Our CEO Sergei Khitrov took part in it with his speech.

The basis of his report were specific proposals for the future law on the regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia:

1. To launch official state exchanges to legalize cryptocurrency revenues;

2. To authorize official exchange exclusively for the ruble equivalent;

3. To allow the test mode to pay for goods and services in cryptocurrencies on the territory of the Russian Federation;

4. To legalize the crypto-industry as a type of entrepreneurship;

5. To abolish mandatory declaration of revenues.

Several speakers asserted the principal position at this panel discussion at once: on the one hand, to show the state the already formed market and substantial projects, and on the other hand, it should not be prohibited, but to find compromises on legalization issues. Sergei Khitrov also develops this position among his actions as CEO of IDEO, International Digital Economy organization. That focuses on the development of cryptographic industry technology and assistance in the legislative process.

All the ideas were greatly discussed with the community and Anatoly Aksakov, Chair, State Duma Committee on Financial Market. He was also one of the panel discussion speakers, as the authorized person who takes a significant role in developing cryptocurrency laws in Russia.

December 25, 2020

New Year presents from Listing.Help

Valeria from our Business Development department packs special holiday gifts for our partners. Every year we send it all around the world.

Listing.Help wishes you a Merry Christmas and joyful holidays with your family and friends.

We also wish you a healthy and successful Year 2021!

December 16, 2020

Recap: Listing.Help at Blockchain Life 2020

In the blog on Medium, we share our highlights and takeaways from the trip to Blockchain Life 2020.

Every year our team attends the Blockchain Life forum. Usually, it is held twice a year: in spring and fall. This year the Forum was held only once, on October 21–22, because of the quarantine. We clearly understood the concerns of many people, but Blockchain Life 2020 surpassed all expectations.

Kirill and Andrew share their impressions on the Forum and answer why we see Blockchain Life as a crypto event like no other.

Next year we will definitely visit the Blockchain Life 2021 forum. Just a week ago, our team discussed new ideas and things we want to implement in 2021. But we understand the most important thing that if Blockchain Life 2020 gathered more than 3000 people in conditions of the pandemic, then the next time, there will be many more attendees!

December 9, 2020

China Can Retain Tech Leadership Role By Implementing DCEP And BSN

Sergei Khitrov, Founder & CEO of Listing.Help, shared his view on China Tech Leadership in a recent article on Coinstituency.

The factors that permit new trends and innovations to thrive in particular regions cut cross both social, political and economic structures. Until these factors are in tandem and support the particular trend, it will continue to struggle. As it stands, China appears to be on the right track in sustaining its role as a leader in the sector of emerging technologies.

In the article, Sergei highlights public and state Interest, human potential, and time among these factors. Moreover, the successful implementation of DCEP and BSN can increase the strength of this leadership.

November 30, 2020

Our Founder Sergei Khitrov, shared his opinion about recent surge of cryptocurrency market on beincrypto, Bloomchain and ihodl

The main thing is that “I see two main reasons for the surge. During the last month, there has been a lot of positive news about cryptocurrency, e.g. Paypal added the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies. Many countries have moved from simple discussion to piloting and testing the implementation of national digital currencies, and China has successfully tested the digital yuan.

Also, there was much news about the successful testing of coronavirus vaccines in America by Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna. Both the stock and cryptocurrency markets have responded positively to this news.”

Stay tuned!

November 27, 2020

How CBDC Will Replace Cash: Experiment To Programmable Money

The current outbreak of coronavirus disease has significantly accelerated the development of central banks digital currencies (CBDC). It is easy to check with the growing number of projects and the recent first official launch of digital currency in the Bahamas. Moreover, Deutsche Bank analysts say that in the long term, CBDC can replace cash.

Looking forward, we can imagine an entirely new architecture for money — a step as important as the invention of a credit card. Moreover, this type of money will have a new key feature - programmability. We deep dive into CBDC, what it is, how it works, and what may happen next.

October 13, 2020

Yearn Finance Token - YFI Price Soared to $40.4K. How Did It Happen And What's Next?

If you have checked the latest crypto news, you must have heard about DeFi and the project. Its Yearn Finance Token (YFI) token has surged by one mln percent in just two weeks and costs much more than bitcoin right now.

Listing Help analysts deep dive into peculiarities, YFI economics, how it all works, and what may happen next. So, we try to figure out how this could have happened and what is all the buzz about.

September 28, 2020

We can meet in the nearest future, as we will exhibit on the Blockchain Life Forum!

Blockchain Life 2020 is the 5th annual event on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining in Russia and Europe, which takes place on October 21-22 in Moscow at Music Media Dome.

The most expected event of 2020 year gathers 4000 participants at the innovative venue Music Media Dome.

Among the participants and exhibitors of the forum: the leading global companies of the industry, investors and funds, business owners, startups, miners, government officials, and other special guests.

Use code listinghelp on the site to get 10% off your tickets!

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August 28, 2020

WTF is Exchange Staking?

Mining and trading used to be the most popular ways to make money on the cryptocurrency. Staking, a much simpler alternative, is gaining massive popularity. In this case, the user does not need to deal with the technical difficulties of mining or learn the trading intricacies.

Over the past two years, staking as a form of earning money on cryptocurrency began to gain popularity, as exchanges and wallets began to offer it.

In our latest story on Hackernoon, we try to get through exchange staking; it’s pros and cons, peculiarities and future, and how it can be one more alternative to ICO/IEO.

August 26, 2020

Can Facebook's Libra 2.0 Live Up To Its Promise?

Our Founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov, shared his opinion about Facebook's Libra 2.0.

When Facebook first introduced the concept of Libra, their first digital currency, it looked promising. They designed the currency to become global and utilized a digital ledger, or blockchain technology, just like any other cryptocurrency. However, according to Facebook’s David Marcus, the executive who is leading its blockchain initiative, previously testified to the United States Congress that Libra’s intent is to become more of a traditional currency rather than cryptocurrency.

The remaining Libra Association presented changes into their original plan. Calling it Libra 2.0, the founders are now seeking to appease the United States government. The new Libra is apparently doing exactly what the United States government wanted. It is bringing in regulations, making it more centralized, and adding other features to make it more friendly with the traditional monetary system. The intentions of Facebook, Calibra and all the combined members of the Libra Association are crystal clear: they will not give up their idea of digital currency.

"Nowadays, many people still have doubts about the future of the world of cryptocurrencies. When such assets as digital Euro and digital Dollar will occur, all doubts will disappear. It will also make a great inflow capital on the market, and we know how bitcoin price reacts to such things.

The project will also compete with the Chinese Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP), and I think this is very good for the market. It will accelerate the development of the entire industry and bring even better technology." - Sergei said.

Stay tuned!

August 10, 2020

Bitcoin Has Held Over $10k for Nearly Two Weeks: What Happens Now?

Our founder and CEO, Sergei Khitrov, shared with Finance Magnates his opinion about the recent bitcoin surge.

He told that currently, “[…] there are still huge volumes on the market, and the market is constantly fueled by positive news and the growth of other cryptocurrencies.”

“In our opinion, the previous resistance level at $14000 may be tested in the second half of this year,”- Sergei Khitrov said. “And, of course, there is still a good chance that Bitcoin’s current momentum above $10k could come to a screeching halt–and even reverse. “It is always possible that a ‘Bart Simpson’ trading pattern will be repeated in case of negative news on the market,” Sergei told. “In this case, a retest of the level of $10,000 is quite possible, which remains a significant psychological benchmark. Falling below, it will mean the end of the recent bull run.”

August 7, 2020

DEX 2020: Is It Really On a Tear?

Since the launch of the Ethereum network, there have been a lot of rumors inside the cryptocurrency industry about the imminent collapse of centralized exchanges and the full transition to decentralized exchanges (DEX). Our analysts share the answer to the question of whether this can happen.

Despite all the problems associated with DEX, it became a new trend and gained trading volume much in mid-2020. Recent reports share that the total trading volume on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) was over $4.3 billion, much higher than in previous months. The number of users of such exchanges is already comparable to the number of people trading on centralized platforms.

In our latest story on Medium, we try to get through the differences between CEX and DEX, its pros and cons, and what we think about DEX's future.

July 31, 2020

Bitcoin Records Fresh 2020 High: Updated Analysis

Our founder and CEO Sergei Khitrov shared with BloomChain his opinion about the prospects of further movement of bitcoin course and reasons for current growth.

"I believe that this is a series of interrelated events", - he said.

The first reason that led BTC to the current situation, according to Sergei, was the changes in the legislative control of cryptocurrencies towards their acceptance in the legal field.

"In some countries, this is a shift towards legalization of the cryptocurrencies. As a result, more and more people pay attention to digital assets and start believing in their future," Sergei explained.

Another essential point, in his opinion, is that the U.S. regulators have recognized BTC as a form of money. Such a precedent was announced recently in a decision of Beryl Howell, the Chief United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

One more reason is PayPal's ongoing work on implementing the ability to perform operations with cryptocurrencies within its services. The changes will simplify the process of buying and selling bitcoins. As a result, millions of system users will be able to interact with cryptocurrency.

Also, according to Sergei Khitrov’s interview, we should not forget positive news about the development of Libra 2.0 and digital dollar projects. The latter, he believes, will be able to attract even more people to the crypto industry. So, the rapid growth of BTC this summer is the result of a chain of interrelated fundamental events.

July 30, 2020

Is DAO a New Type of Organization or a Huge Trend for the Coming Years?

2020 year was announced as the year of the DAO in the FinTech industry. Still, most people who heard about the word have a hard job defining the concept.

Our analysts propose to use the original definition of Vitalik Buterin, who defines a DAO as “an entity that lives on the internet and exists autonomously, but also heavily relies on hiring individuals to perform certain tasks that the automaton itself cannot do.”

Beyond sheer diversity of DAOs, they display a similar key feature: the ability to facilitate the collective management of common goods, including cultural and intangible works, natural resources, economic and industrial production, and social systems.

Since the fall of The DAO in 2016, decentralized autonomous organizations have strayed from the spotlight. However, developments and experiments in this area never stopped.

So, we try to get what DAO is, and what has changed since the inglorious hack of the DAO, -

July 16, 2020

What is DeFi, or how did finance become decentralized?

For the last two months, the whole cryptocurrency industry has been strongly influenced by passive investment and lending narratives. Given the huge interest of traders and large organizations, these trends are likely to continue for a long time.

However, these ideas are far from being innovative - crypto lending platforms have existed for many years. Companies such as Celsius,, Nexo, and Coinloan (CeFi companies) have been providing credit services for the last few years. Although they are more decentralized than banks, such platforms still do not fully reflect the capabilities of DeFi.

So, in our latest story on Medium we try to get through the differences of DeFi, CeFi, its risks and aspects of this type of lending

June 30, 2020

How to Pick the Best Crypto: Cryptocurrency Ratings

To understand and find the best and reliable cryptocurrency, users and investors often turn to rankings: by actual price, by total market capitalization, by trade volume, etc. There are many aggregator sites for this purpose, such as Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, as well as Binance Info, etc.

But two rankings try to take into account technological and financial indicators simultaneously. This is the rating of the cryptocurrency unit of the rating agency Weiss Ratings and the rating of the center for the development of the China information technology industry (CCID).

Weiss Ratings is a well-known American provider of investment product data, which began operations in 1971. The rating of the Weiss Ratings agency’s cryptocurrency unit was released for the first time in January 2018. Since then, it is updated every week and presents a consolidated report on 123 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Weiss Ratings’ overall goal is to help avoid the hype and help lead investors to identify the cryptocurrencies with the best chances of surviving and succeeding in the long term.

The Weiss Crypto Ratings model is built with five basic layers that take data from the project’s technology, adoption, risk, and momentum. These layers then filter the information through in-house software models identifying each component in relation to the potential success or failure of the overall company.

An alternative to the Weiss Crypto Ratings rating is a regularly updated study from the China Information Technology Industry Development Center (CCID).

Projects are evaluated in three main categories: basic technology, applicability, and creativity. The rating is updated every month, however, due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the updating of some projects has slowed, and the overall index has not changed much over the past months.

Therefore, while you work with these ratings, you should conduct your own additional analysis and study each project.

MAY 21, 2020

Listing.Help analysts explain why now is the best time for Listing

The current economic situation leaves much to be desired. Every day we get new negative macro forecasts from well-known organizations. However, during that time, we should think globally and try to look far beyond this economic crisis.

Listing.Help sees unexpected advantages in this challenging situation. Listing of projects on exchanges remains a high-demand service. However, not all projects can afford to start trading on top and well-known cryptocurrency exchanges at once. Now the situation is changing.

1) Many well-known exchanges (Hitbtc, Bithumb Global, Bitforex) aware of the current decline in the economy and the state of the cryptocurrency community and ready to give a helping hand to projects. The price of listing on them becomes much cheaper. The exchange management explained this position to us as a desire to help projects that reduce marketing costs and other expenses.

2) Moreover, Listing.Help wants to support this initiative from cryptocurrency exchanges and make additional discounts for listings. We build long-term trusting relationships with many projects, and we want to support such projects and help those who are haven’t yet been listed on well-known exchanges.

3) The price of bitcoin is another important factor for the listing price. There is a correlation between the price of bitcoin, public interest in it, and the cost of services in the cryptocurrency market. The higher the price of bitcoin, the higher the cost of many services both in bitcoin equivalent and in terms of the dollar.

Listing.Help sees unexpected advantages in this challenging situation. Listing of projects on exchanges remains a high-demand service. However, not all projects can afford to start trading on top and well-known cryptocurrency exchanges at once. Now the situation is changing.

Bitcoin is now trading 30% below its highs of last year. As a result, if listing on an exchange cost 3 BTC, then in dollar equivalent, such operation is now much cheaper.

The entire cryptocurrency community was waiting for the bitcoin halving and associate it with the rise of its price. As a result, we are likely to see an increase in the price of many cryptocurrency services both in bitcoin and in USD.

Listing.Help sees unexpected advantages in this challenging situation. Listing of projects on exchanges remains a high-demand service. However, not all projects can afford to start trading on top and well-known cryptocurrency exchanges at once. Now the situation is changing.

4) The interest in new projects entering the exchanges is now higher than ever. Representatives of exchanges explain this to us by a simple logical chain:

a. Currently, most of the world's population is on lockdown and turned to new types of income online;

b. Exchanges launched an extensive advertising campaign on the Internet and tryied to enter new markets (for example, the CIS and LATAM);

c. New users come to cryptocurrency exchanges. They often trade less with main crypto assets - Bitcoin and Ethereum, and more with altcoins;

d. As a result, new users turn their attention to all new projects that carry out listing on exchanges.

This tendency is easy to trace by increasing the number of registrations on platforms and the growth in trading volumes of many top tier cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

Our data shows that within the second half of March, which is when strict lockdown policies have been imposed in many countries, we've seen a 30% increase in new accounts," a Bitfinex spokesperson said.

The community's solidarity of the cryptocurrency community and the desire for projects to help each other during the crisis are the main trends of recent months. Thanks to supporting measures from large projects, a unique opportunity arises. Small startups can improve their position and get new connections despite all the crisis phenomena in the economy.

MAY 8, 2020

How will halving affect the price of bitcoin?

In our blog on Medium, we published a new article, “Facts and Dreams”: how will halving affect the price of bitcoin?”

On May 12, the bitcoin halving occurs. What is it, why is it necessary, what is essential to know, and what will happen next? — we gathered opinions on the most important issues of halving.

FEBRUARY 17, 2020

CEO of Listing.Help in the list of 30 Most Influential People In Blockchain Industry

Hakernoon published a rating of the most influential people who determine the development of the cryptocurrency market.

The main thing for our team is that Sergei Khitrov is on the 4th place in this list. The article notes his merits as the founder of Jets.Capital and Listing.Help. Also, it is emphasized that Sergey is the organizer of one of the largest cryptocurrency events in the world, Blockchain Life.

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Medium Blog

Not long ago, we published in our blog on Medium a new article, “Hype and death of ICO.” We tried to find out who invented ICO, how it gets so much hype and how it ceased to be so, and how much money startups and scammers raised.

Soon we will also try to reveal in detail why IEO replaced ICO and what other changes in the decentralized financing institution can be expected soon. Stay tuned!

JANUARY 26, 2020


Fraudsters started to actively use our brand to deceive projects.

Be careful! Our company has only 1 website

Check everything several times before the payment.

DECEMBER 15, 2019

New Year presents from Listing.Help

Maria from our business development department packs gifts for our partners. Every year we send them to the companies that we are working with.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year!

NOVEMBER 19, 2019

European office curling competition

On the 18th of November Listing.Help European office departments competed in curling. The sales team were the winners!

NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Speech at AIBC

This autumn founder of Listing.Help had a speech about IEO at the AIBC Summit.

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

Listing.Help in Moscow

On the 16-17 of October Listing.Help was Diamond sponsor of the biggest event in Eastern Europe.

NOVEMBER 10, 2019

Listing.Help booth at Malta Blockchain Summit

On the 7-8 of November, our team visited Malta Blockchain Summit for the 3rd time. On the photo, you can see our Executive director Kirill standing at our booth.

OCTOBER 14-15, 2019

Listing.Help at ChainPoint19

CEO of Listing.Help Sergei Khitrov was a speaker at the biggest Armenian Blockchain Conference ChainPoint19

SEPTEMBER 28, 2019

Listing.Help will organize Blockchain Life in 3 weeks

Join more than 6,000 partisipants on 16-17 of October in Moscow's Expocnetre where Listing.Help will organize the biggest blockchain forum in Europe.

For 3 years of existence, the Blockchain Life forum has become an international platform for the development of hundreds of companies in the industry, a meeting place for market leaders with representatives of government agencies, a place of thousands of contracts that influenced the global development of technology.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

Meet our CEO at Malta Blockchain Summit

CEO os Sergei Khitrov will speak on Malta Blockchain Summit on 8 of November 2019.
He will describe how listing and IEO on exchanges will help retailers.

MAY 20, 2019

Meet us at Malta Blockchain Summit

On the 23-24 of May will be at Malta Blockchain Summit. You can meet our team at the booth B25.

Let's book a meeting!

MAY 14, 2019

BitForex and Listing.Help Party

On the 24th of April Listing.Help and BitForex organized a private party in Singapore at Smoke and Mirrors for 150 VIP partners.

MAY 10, 2019

Founder of Listing.Help speaking about IEO

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a fundraising event that is administered by an exchange. Sergei Khitrov, founder of Listing.Help, talked in Singapore about how projects can succeed in IEO.

MAY 2, 2019

Listing.Help speech at Bloconomic Expo in Kuala Lumpur

CEO of Listing.Help Sergei Khitrov talked at Bloconomic Expo in Kuala Lumpur about the listing of projects on exchanges and IEO.

APRIL 29, 2019

Listing.Help moderated the section with the World Top Exchanges

In Singapore on the 23rd of April CEO of Listing.Help Sergei Khitrov moderated the section with the top exchanges: Huobi, BitForex, DigiFinex, Coinsuper, Coineal and EXMO.

APRIL 25, 2019

We gathered 3000+ attendees at our forum in Singapore

On April 23-24 more than gathered three thousand attendees from 70 countries gathered in Singapore.

Top crypto companies (Binance, Huobi, Listing.Help, ELVN and others), world famous experts (Tim Draper, Roger Ver and others), mining giants (Bitmain,, representatives of key cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Dash, Cardano, Neo and others) gave talks about the present and future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the 3rd Global forum in Asia.

Speakers discussed the current IEO boom, blockchain hacking and other crypto and regulation trends. Companies and investors made dozens of contracts in meeting rooms, expo and VIP areas. Bitcoin also supported the positive wave from the blockchain community and grew by 5% during the event.

MARCH 16, 2019

Listing.Help will organize Blockchain Life in Singapore

On April 23-24 Listing. help organize a 3rd annual forum in Marina Bay, Singapore, the Blockchain Life 2019.

The global forum 2019 highlights four significant topics:

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, StartUps, and Mining. More than 5000 people including industry top speakers, funds and investors, blockchain startups and world companies, crypto traders, developers, and miners - all are going to join.

Blockchain Life 2019 to discuss the latest trends and ways of earning money in the crypto market.

Find out more information and get tickets:

NOVEMBER 30, 2018

Listing.Help at IG Conf

On the last day of November we participate in the last our event this year as a sponsor.

This is IG conf in Saint Petersburg, Russia with over 1500 participants and we sure that we will have a lot of networking here and will have fun on the huge afterparty after the conference in Peterhof Palace

NOVEMBER 29, 2018

Listing.Help at Blockshow Asia

Take a look at the small video presentation of our stand at Blockshow Asia in Singapore

NOVEMBER 28-29, 2018

Listing.Help at Blockshow Asia

These 2 days we participated in another event as a Sponsor - Blockshow Asia in Singapore.

The Forum’s venue is the unique resort in the Singapore downtown which has been included in the world best buildings list. This masterpiece named Marina Bay Sands Hotel consists of three 55-story towers with a height of 200 meters with a large gondola terrace on it.

The conference was big - over 2000 participants and now we are going home to keep working on our great company and help projects to be listed on exchanges with very good conditions

NOVEMBER 21-23, 2018

Listing.Help at RIW in Moscow

These 3 days we participated in Russian Internet Week in Moscow. That was a huge conference with more than 15 thousand attendees.

Our CEO Sergei Khitrov had a pitch at the main stage about the listing on exchanges.

NOVEMBER 20, 2018

Listing.Help at Blockchain Conference in Moscow

Today we participated at the oldest Blockchain conference in the world organized by Smile Expo for the fourth consecutive year. We have a stand here and also we met the founder of the biggest crypto blog in the world "CryptoBoss".

And our CEO Sergei Khitrov was a speaker, he told to the crowd about the listing on crypto exchanges and what investors should do at the time of listing.

NOVEMBER 7-8, 2018

Listing.Help at Blockchain Life in Saint Petersburg (Day 2)

The second day of the Blockchain Life conference expectedly turned out to be as rich as possible on dating and new connections. St. Petersburg has become the capital of the crypto world for these two days.

NOVEMBER 7-8, 2018

Listing.Help at Blockchain Life in Saint Petersburg (Day 1)

Today Listing.Help organized the first day of the largest international forum Blockchain Life 2018. The forum was attended by over 4,000 participants, the day was very productive. Looking forward to the second day.

NOVEMBER 1-2, 2018

Listing.Help at Malta Blockchain Summit (Day 2)

Today CEO of Listing.Help Sergei Khitrov had a speech at the main stage of WBS with the topic: "The listing on Crypto exchanges. Main cases and mistakes. And how investors should behave when their project is listing on exchange".

Also Sergei was a judge at ICO pitch.

NOVEMBER 1-2, 2018

Listing.Help at Malta Blockchain Summit (Day 1)

Today we are participating as an exhibitor at Malta Blockchain Summit. It's a two-day conference with over 8,000 attendees, the Biggest blockchain conference this year.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2018

Listing.Help at Crypto Expo in Moscow

Yesterday Listing.Help participated as an Exhibitor at Crypto Expo in Moscow

AUGUST 25, 2018

Listing.Help at OKEx office

Today we are in the office of OKEx, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, discuss good discounts for our clients.

AUGUST 24, 2018

Listing.Help at WBS Marvels in Hong Kong

Today Listing.Help participated as an Exhibitor at Marvels World Blockchain Summit in Hong Kong

AUGUST 9, 2018

Listing.Help speech at DIB Summit in Dubai

Today CEO of Listing.Help Sergei Khitrov talked at Dubai International Blockchain Summit about the listing of projects on exchanges and gave advices to investors how they should behave when their project going to exchange.

AUGUST 9, 2018

Listing.Help at DIB Summit in Dubai

Today Listing.Help participated as a Sponsor at Dubai International Blockchain Summit which was organized at Atlantis, a majestic 5 star Dubai hotel situated on the Palm, a man-made island that has captured the world’s imagination with its magnificent scale and ingenuity.

MAY 20, 2018

Listing.Help at WBC Summit in Moscow

Today Listing.Help participated as the sponsor at World Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit in Moscow organized by International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB)

APRIL 26, 2018

Listing.Help at CPA-Life 2018

Today Listing.Help participated as the Gold Sponsor at the biggest conference on Internet Advertising and Affiliate Marketing in Russia and Eastern Europe CPA-Life