July 7, 2024

How to list token or coin on Gate.io?

Listing a token on a centralized exchange is a crucial step for all cryptocurrency projects without exception, regardless of the size and brand of the exchange. This is because centralized exchanges are more secure and offer more opportunities than decentralized ones. Especially if the project has just started and wants to promote its own brand and assets.

In this case, listing on smaller exchanges is an excellent option – the requirements are lower, but the benefits for the project are there. However, even small exchanges, compared to the hegemons, have impressive trading volumes and liquidity, which is so necessary for projects that have not yet established themselves.

And the Gate.io Exchange is one such exchange. For a moment, the daily trading volume on Gate.io is about $3 billion, and this is one of the highest indicators. At the same time, the requirements of this platform are lower than those of Binance or ByBit. 

How does the listing process work on Gate.io?

In general, the process is similar to other exchanges – you must first fill out an application. However, there are different types of applications here:

  • Request from a user;
  • Project team application;
  • Initial listing request;
  • Non-initial listing request.

The application looks as usual. It is necessary to provide your email, the full name of the token, its ticker, the project website, a link to the whitepaper, and also describe why your project should be listed on Gate.io. Next, let’s look at the listing process and consider all of its stages.

Information provided

The Gate.io team will review your project before making a decision on a completed application, so it is critical that you provide all the necessary information: project idea, problem statement, technology, funding, token allocation, team description, and so on. The more detailed and transparent the information you provide, the more likely your application will be approved.

Based on the information provided, the team conducts a comprehensive analysis of your project and evaluates it based on several metrics:

  • Market demand;
  • Project Concept;
  • Utility of the token;
  • Development stage.

It is important to note that this stage is only an initial review of the project, which is followed by a more in-depth analysis, which is critical.

This is where Gate.io analysts look at the technical documentation, development process and tokenomics. As the exchange team notes, this stage is very important because it is this analysis that shows the future prospects and viability of the project, as well as its potential contribution to the industry.

Technical assessment

In addition to the in-depth analysis, the Gate.io team thoroughly checks the technical component of the project: auditing the code, checking the security of the smart contracts, as well as the entire technical infrastructure, since security is a fundamental aspect of any crypto project.

Legal compliance

Before a token is listed, the Gate.io team checks the project for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, both from the platform itself and from regulators. To this end, Gate.io engages its lawyers to conduct a legal assessment of every asset, without exception.

Final verdict

Once all stages of analysis have been completed, the Listing Team submits a detailed report to Gate.io management team, which makes a final decision on your project. If the application is approved, you will receive all the necessary information and further instructions, after which the exchange will officially announce the listing and provide dates and trading pairs.

How can Listing.Help help you list a token on Gate.io?

During our many years of experience in helping other projects, we have achieved hundreds of successfully approved applications and, as a result, listings on Gate.io. During this time, we have developed close relationships with the Gate.io management team and know all the intricacies of listing on this exchange. 

That’s why you can always fill out an application for a free consultation, during which we will evaluate your project and tell you about the prospects of listing on Gate.io. After the consultation, you decide whether you want to try to list the token yourself or use our services. If you choose the second option, we will sign a contract and start the process of preparing and collecting all the necessary information. Below is a description of all the steps we will go through before listing on the platform of your choice.

Preparation for listing 

As part of this phase, we will bring all of your documentation up to exchange standards, review all sections and advise you of any adjustments that need to be made. We also take care of any legal delays and use our in-house lawyers to evaluate your project and asset to ensure there are no errors, inaccuracies or inconsistencies.

Project Packaging and Development

This process runs in parallel with the collection of all necessary information and includes the finalization of both the documentation and the technical component, as the Gate.io team closely monitors that the project has no vulnerabilities, bugs or other errors. 

Marketing and positioning

During the preparation for listing on Gate.io, we also offer marketing activities aimed at greater audience engagement both before and after the listing, as this factor also attracts the attention of the platform’s employees – they need a useful, liquid asset that shows its vitality and competitiveness.

Strategic support

We also make strategic investments in your project if needed. Typically, exchanges check the availability and sources of funding, and if there is any, it will be a definite plus.

As you understand, the whole process includes other details that can be disclosed individually when the contract is signed. On average, if the project does not require serious revision, we receive a response from the Exchange within 7 working days, and as practice has shown, over 84% of all applications were successful.

By the way, in addition to comprehensive pre-listing support, we also provide services after the asset has been successfully added to the platform. These include 

  • Market making – maintaining trading volumes using our bots and zero commission accounts. We can also provide full liquidity management if required. We can also help you choose a reliable market maker.
  • Marketing – Launching advertising campaigns among influencers to maintain interest in your project, as well as launching various reward campaigns both from the exchanges themselves and from your project, if there is such an opportunity from your side;
  • Advisory services – assistance in developing a roadmap and further development strategies for your project.

What else should you know about working with Listing.Help?

  • We offer reasonable prices, often lower than competitors for a smaller set of services;
  • We offer token listing out of the queue;
  • We provide personal contact with top management of exchanges;
  • We help to receive additional bonuses from exchanges for free;
  • We provide lifetime support after listing 24/7 on any questions and issues happened.

To request a free consultation, please follow the link and leave your contact information and our staff will contact you.


Listing a token on a centralized exchange is not an easy process. However, if you have all the necessary qualities and are confident of a positive outcome, you can always fill out a form and start the listing process yourself.

If you contact us, we will do our best to get your asset listed on the exchange of your choice. Our mission as an agency is to protect you from common mistakes, provide you with comfortable conditions of cooperation and individual approach to achieve the best result in the form of a successfully completed listing in the shortest possible time.