July 10, 2024

How to list token or coin on Kraken? 

Listing a token on an exchange is one of the most important stages in the development of a crypto project. The number of investments attracted, the growth of the project’s community, the increase of interest in the token and the market value of the token as a whole will depend on the exchange chosen. Larger exchanges give you the opportunity to present your token to a larger number of potential investors. It’s worth mentioning that most crypto projects tend to list on tier-1, tier-2 exchanges. But the listing process can be a complicated and lengthy process, especially if you go through it alone. There is a high probability of making a mistake, filling out the documents incorrectly and getting rejected after a long wait. 

In this article, we’ll break down how token listing on Tier-1 crypto exchange Kraken works. We will compare self-submission for listing and submission through the corporate advisors that help projects list their own tokens. We will also explain how working with Listing.Help can help simplify the listing process and increase the chances of approval.

How the listing process works on Kraken

The listing process includes filling out an application, reviewing the application, listing, and subsequent monitoring. It is important to note that the more customers an exchange has, the more stringent the rules the exchange will impose for listing on its platform. Kraken is a Tier 1 exchange with over 10 million customers. The exchange is ranked  top 10 in terms of trading volume. Therefore, the exchange has high quality standards and conducts a rigorous due diligence process before listing. The listing process is as follows

  • Application Filling. At this stage, an application form is filled out where you need to provide detailed information about the project, including tokenomics, token utility, project description, documentation and other important metrics.
  • Application evaluation. Upon completion of the application, the Listing Committee conducts a thorough evaluation of your project and verifies all of the stated features, including technical information, security verification, address verification, and many other components. 
  • Listing. After passing all stages of review, the committee makes its decision. Once approved, the asset is added to the exchange’s roadmap and subsequently listed.
  • Monitoring. Listing is not the end of the process. After listing, the exchange continues to monitor the project on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to meet the required standards. These reviews may include regulatory analysis, security monitoring, and monitoring of project activity.

You can apply and follow the roadmap of upcoming listings on this page.

When listing on their own, many fail at various stages:

  • Choosing an irrelevant exchange. It’s important to choose an exchange that meets your project’s standards. Not every project can achieve listing on a Tier-1 exchange like Kraken. And if you choose another exchange, for example one with a bad reputation or low trading volume, it can have a negative impact on your token placement.
  • Listing rejection. Many people fail at the application stage. It is important to consider many factors, detail and include all project features, metrics and documentation. It is important to have a good understanding of how the listing committee works and what factors they look at. 
  • Working with inexperienced market makers or partners. This can have a negative impact on the project, leading to reputational damage and rejection of the listing application.

This is only a partial list of the potential difficulties you may encounter when listing your token on centralized exchanges. To protect your project from such mishaps and increase the chances of approval, many crypto projects use the services of advisors. This is especially true for a team with no experience in successfully listing their project. Often, newbies have a poor understanding of the legal intricacies and fail at various stages, wasting valuable time.

There are relatively few companies that help with listing on crypto exchanges, so the choices are very limited. If you eliminate companies with high fees and inadequate terms and conditions, the choice is even more limited.

How Listing.Help can simplify the listing process

We can be a reliable assistant in listing your token on Kraken and other centralized crypto exchanges. Our agency knows the inner workings of many exchanges and can offer more favorable terms compared to the original terms of the exchange itself.

We have been working since 2017 and are a partner of more than 100 crypto exchanges. During this time we have worked on listing projects such as Tether Euro, TON, Shiba Token, Bitscrunch and more than 2000 other projects.

We have helped our clients save more than $250 million, and the listing process is on average 5 times faster than applying directly.

In addition, we are always available to advise you during the pre-listing process, answering your questions and helping you avoid mistakes that could lead to rejection.

Stages of listing on Kraken with Listing.Help

  1. Free consultation. First, we will conduct a consultation to evaluate your project and determine if it meets the requirements of the exchange. We will then help you develop a listing strategy and select the most appropriate exchanges. If our cooperation continues, we will sign the contract and move to the next stage.
  1. Collection of documents and preparation for listing. At this stage we will help you fill in the application form, correct the data if necessary and prepare the legal documents required for listing.
  1. Project positioning. We help to present the project competently before listing. If necessary, we provide assistance in obtaining strategic investments and fundraising from our partners. All these actions increase the attention and interest of investors in the future listing.
  1. Project finalization. We help to finalize the unfinished product to ensure compliance with the requirements of the selected crypto exchange. The process of adaptation to the requirements of the exchange takes no more than 7 working days, not including the finalization of the product itself. This means that you will be able to flood your token in the shortest possible time.
  1. Negotiations with exchanges. At the last stage, we negotiate with the selected exchanges through partner channels and wait for the listing decision. According to statistics, 84% of our clients receive positive decisions from exchanges.
  1. Post-listing work. The main work is done and your token is listed on the exchange. At this stage, if you wish, we can continue our cooperation. We can help you with such important things as
  • Market making. After listing, it is important to maintain trading volume and manage liquidity. We can take over this function or help you select a reliable market maker.
  • Marketing. In addition to listing, there are many other areas that require attention. As part of marketing, it is important to maintain the level of interest in the project, launch advertising campaigns among influencers, as well as work directly with users, organize various events, airdrops and other activities that increase interest and awareness of the project.
  • Consulting. Helping to create a roadmap and overall strategy for the further development of the project.

We help project owners navigate the listing process, which can be difficult and even insurmountable for many people.

Should you list your token yourself or leave it to the professionals?

Listing on a Tier-1 exchange is certainly a challenging experience for a team that has no experience in this area and requires a professional approach. What should you choose in the end: to work with a consultant or to go through this journey on your own? 

Compared to listing a token on your own, working with Listing Help will minimize the risk of failure, significantly speed up the listing process, and provide ongoing support before and after the listing. By choosing to work with a consultant, you significantly increase your chances of successfully listing your token.

Get a customized listing strategy by filling out the form on our website.