July 5, 2024

How to list token or coin on OKX?

Listing your own token on a centralized exchange, especially one of the largest, is a complex, exciting and often long process that not all projects can handle. And OKX is one of the exchanges that has serious requirements, the necessary authority and excellent metrics that make listing on this platform interesting for many projects.

In this article, we’ll break down the key points that the OKX team looks for when applying for a listing. But first, a few words about the exchange itself.

OKX is a top 3 exchange in terms of daily trading volume ($1.9 billion) and offers more than 300 different crypto assets and derivatives for trading. Compared to other centralized exchanges, which have more than two thousand assets, OKX looks more advantageous as it offers higher quality and more successful cryptocurrencies to its users and therefore values its reputation.

OKX listing criteria

As stated in the official publication, the OKX team draws attention to the following points:

Project presentation

As an employee of the exchange, the first impression can significantly affect the final decision, so you need to provide a really high quality and detailed presentation. It can include any information you think is useful: 

  • Strategic partnerships;
  • Successful launches;
  • Recognition of your project;

Of course, the presentation should also highlight the benefits of your project, its strengths, and how it will benefit the community. 

Ecosystem data (if available)

Numbers are very important for the exchange, so if your project already has some weight and results, be sure to provide them. For example, TVL, Rollup Market Share, total number of users, and any other metrics you deem important will do. These metrics will help prove that your project is viable, so the higher the numbers, the more likely you are to successfully flood your token on OKX. However, this is not the last criterion that the exchange team looks at.

Comparison with competitors

Since the cryptocurrency market is saturated with projects, it will be a big plus if you can identify your project’s main competitors and offer advantages over them. For example, a more efficient project management system, the best solution to a particular problem will be your trump cards when considering your application.


Perhaps one of the most important points that will be considered in the most detail. The OKX team emphasizes that tokenomics should not only be consistent, but also well-designed. In addition to the number of tokens, their distribution, usage and interaction with the ecosystem are important. Therefore, before submitting your application, make sure that the tokenomics looks not only good, but perfect, because this document will be watched not only by OKX, but by the entire crypto community.

Project Team

“A project is only as strong as its team” is a direct quote from OKX’s listing article. Therefore, you need to provide the strengths of your team, their experience, previous awards, education, and role in the project. However, the team description should be both brief and comprehensive.

Investment and Funding

It is no secret that financial stability is a fundamental aspect not only in the crypto world, but in life in general. Especially exchanges take this point into account, so it is necessary to clearly define and describe the sources of funding, such as a venture capital fund, any format of token sale (e.g. ICO, IDO) or others. In addition, it is necessary to provide information on where exactly the funds will be directed: project development, marketing or operational activities. As the OKX team notes, this transparency takes trust to the next level.

Regular Updates

Obviously, the world of cryptocurrencies is changing at a fast pace, so it’s important for the OKX team to keep up with changes, new successes and even failures. It is not necessary to contact the exchange directly for this purpose – it is enough to publish information on your social networks in a timely manner, while making it available to the entire community. This is another sign of the transparency that OKX values so highly.

These are the main points that are emphasized when considering an application, but it is worth remembering that the criteria can vary depending on the project and its purpose. For a successful listing, projects almost always require an experienced team that knows how to negotiate with the exchanges, fill out all the necessary paperwork and present the information in a favorable light.

In addition to what to do, the OKX team also warns about what not to do. 

For example, it’s best not to ask for the contact information of the people responsible for listing and negotiations. The OKX team follows strict rules that are necessary for an objective and impartial review of each application. If you take the risk of asking, even casually, for the “right contacts”, it could lead to a negative decision.

Also, you should not promote (shill) your own token to exchange employees. This behavior will immediately be considered unprofessional, which will earn you a red flag and you can forget about being listed on OKX.

How can the Listing.Help team help you?

Since we have been dealing with crypto exchange listings since 2017, we know how to approach and negotiate with any crypto exchange, even giants like OKX. We simplify the listing process by standardizing the entire process, where we prepare your project for the upcoming procedure and make the necessary adjustments.

For example, we help you with the presentation and emphasize the aspects that are important for a particular exchange. At the same time, we provide free consultations on all issues of interest to you, after which we proceed with the listing process. We usually receive a response within 7-10 business days.

Preliminary evaluation and contract

As part of the initial free consultation, we evaluate your project based on all available information and compare it to the criteria of your desired exchange, in this case OKX. Regardless of the initial evaluation, unless things are really bad, we will point out the items that need to be finalized and, if necessary, we will finalize them ourselves by drawing up a contract.

Preparation for listing

Once the contract is finalized, we start filling out all the necessary applications and documents, including those confirming that the regulators have no claims against your token. At the same time, as mentioned above, we will make any necessary adjustments to your project, which will greatly increase the likelihood of your application being approved. 

Of course, you may disagree with some of our decisions, so all adjustments are made solely with your participation and based on your opinion. Our goal is to achieve the best possible impact for our clients.

Marketing and promotion

This point is very important and goes hand in hand with the listing – the more attention your project and token receive, the more likely it is not only to be approved, but also to be successfully launched. As a rule, we launch marketing campaigns by attracting KOLs and also launch the necessary events related to the listing. For OKX, for example, this is the Jumsptart promotion, for which we negotiate the best conditions.

Strategic support and editing

As a rule, we stay in contact throughout the entire application and listing process: we take care of the organizational aspects and help you with related problems and questions. At the same time, if necessary, we make strategic investments or help raise funds from our partners. As you already know, this is an important aspect that OKX pays attention to.

Post-listing support

Our list of services also includes those that help the development of the project after the token is listed. For example, we can help you select a suitable market maker and, if necessary, take over the entire market making process.

We also provide post-listing marketing to keep the community’s attention, which is one of the most important factors influencing the token’s price. 

What else should you know about working with Listing.Help?

  • We offer reasonable prices, often lower than competitors for a smaller set of services;
  • We offer token listing out of the queue;
  • We provide personal contact with top management of exchanges;
  • We help to receive additional bonuses from exchanges for free;
  • We provide lifetime support after listing 24/7 on any questions and issues happened.

To request a free consultation, please follow the link and leave your contact information and our staff will contact you.


As you already know, listing on centralized exchanges is a rather time-consuming process that requires attention, patience and professionalism. Of course, projects can go through this entire stage on their own, without using the services of agencies. If you are confident in your abilities and are interested in listing on OKX, you can fill out this form at any time.

However, if you still need qualified assistance in listing on OKX or any other exchange, you can always leave a request for a free consultation and evaluate your chances of a positive result.

In any case, despite the complexity of this process, it is not unimaginably difficult or impossible. If your project has all the necessary qualities, exchanges will be more than willing to list your token. The most important thing is to avoid common and non-obvious mistakes that can influence the exchanges’ final decision.