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About OKX

OKX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform known for its global presence and robust trading infrastructure. With a wide range of digital assets and a strong focus on security, OKX offers a reliable and efficient trading experience for users worldwide.

key metrics of OKX exchange

Trust Score 10/10
Exchange Score 9.6
Average Monthly Visits 30.5 M
Country Seychelles
Cybersecurity Penetration Test, Proof of Funds, Bug Bounty
Average 24 Volume $2,234,754,274

Listing on

Global Reach

OKX has a vast user base spanning across multiple countries, offering unparalleled exposure for your coin or token.


Benefit from OKX's high trading volume and liquidity, providing ample opportunities for price discovery and market participation.


OKX prioritizes the safety of funds and employs advanced security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team at Listing.Help will assist you at every step of the listing process, from initial application to post-listing support, ensuring a seamless experience.

Why List Your Coin on OKX With Listing.Help?

Our team specializes in facilitating the listing process for cryptocurrency projects on OKX. We provide comprehensive support and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful listing journey.

Attaining the best listing terms and bonuses.

Preventing costly mistakes worth millions to aid.

Delivering an integrated approach for project success.

Boosting the likelihood of listing approval.

Help project with packaging, marketing, market making, documents and other things for a successful launch

Facilitating listing expeditiously when possible.

Presenting commission-free long-term trading accounts.

Protecting tokens from exchange manipulation.

Providing lifetime 24/7 support post-listing.

Delivering best listing strategy during any market situation since 2017


Our Clients

Companies We’ve Helped

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Meet the Team

United Arab Emirates

Sergei Khitrov

Founder & CEO
Forbes 30 Under 30

United Arab Emirates

Kirill Zamkovoy

Executive Director


Margarita Grażhenskaya

Vice President

United Arab Emirates

Pavel Zhavoronkov

Head of Sales


Anastasia Afanaseva

Listing Compliance Manager


Victor Popov

Head of Partnerships & Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Alex Sokolov

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Sam Tolstikov

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Maxim Romanov

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Alexandros Agapidis

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Jorge Denisov

Business Development Manager


Adele Keutaeva

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Walter Venin

PR officer

United Arab Emirates

Irina Mikhailenko

HR Executive

United Arab Emirates

Aleksi Brylev

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Stanislav Filatyev

Business Development Manager

Joe Simons

AI Manager

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Start here! Dive into our FAQ for handy answers to popular questions.

What is OKX trading volume?

OKX boasts significant trading volume, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally.

In which countries is OKX available?

OKX is available in numerous countries around the world, providing access to a diverse and global user base.

Is it safe to list your coin or token on OKX?

Yes, OKX prioritizes security and employs stringent measures to protect users' funds and personal information. Additionally, our team at Listing.Help ensures that the listing process complies with OKX's security standards and best practices.

Where is OKX based?

OKX is based on Seychelles. While specific details may vary, OKX maintains a strong presence in key financial hubs, ensuring accessibility and support for users across different regions.

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