April 28, 2024

Terracrypto X: Renaissance. Halving. Adoption.

In Moscow, the Terracrypto X cryptocurrency and mining forum will take place. On May 25th, the main event on mining, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain industry for the Russian-speaking community will be held in Moscow – Terracrypto X. The forum’s slogan chosen for the main themes of the crypto industry in 2024 is Renaissance. Halving. Adoption.

Hundreds of experts, leading blockchain industry specialists, representatives of mining companies, development teams, exchanges, investors, and business angels will gather in one venue for Terracrypto X.

The focus of the Terracrypto X forum in 2024 will be on discussing the consequences of the fourth halving for the mining industry and the emerging opportunities for cryptocurrency investors. The discussion will also cover the development of services against the backdrop of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies into the global financial system, investment strategies, and the prospects of L2 and L3 networks, DeFi after Dencun, and others.

“2024 will be remembered as the year of the bull cycle, strengthened by the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs and the fourth halving. Perhaps this is the last year when we will see a five-digit Bitcoin rate. This question, as well as questions about optimal strategies for behavior in the bull market when BTC has already updated its historical maximum, will be discussed at Terracrypto. At Terracrypto, speakers and participants speak the same language because they are all united by a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and confidence that decentralized finance is an integral part of the future global financial system,” noted TerraCrypto founder Nikita Vassiov.

Tickets for Terracrypto X are already on sale. Register to discuss the macro trends of the crypto market with industry leaders.

Speakers at the forum will include the founder of the LaoLab Security cyber security laboratory Ilya Suslin, mining specialist Artem Eremin, TEHNOBIT founder Alexander Peresichan, co-founder of Berezka DAO and DeFiHardcore Community Roman Kaufman, creator of the ALGA algorithmic trading platform for Rast Pentagon, and others.

Discussion topics are grouped into three thematic tracks:

  • Mining
  • DeFi, Trading, and Narratives
  • Security

The main sponsor is the Association of Industrial Mining, which brings together the largest Russian miners and contributes to digital economy development.

Date: May 25, 2024
Address: Moscow, LOFT HALL (Leninskaya Sloboda 26с15)
Conference start time: 11:00 AM Moscow time

For more information about the forum, visit the official website.