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Our Services

Exchange Listing

We assist projects with their listing strategy, enabling them to achieve fast and cost-effective initial or non-initial listings on over 60 partner exchange platforms.

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Market Making

We specialize in creating liquid and efficient markets on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Our priority is delivering high-quality service to our clients and partners.

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We make strategic investments ourselves or facilitate access to funding through our network of VC partners.

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We collaborate with established marketing partners to expedite results in line with our listing strategy.

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Advisory services

Leverage our extensive network of current and former employees from leading industry companies to find the perfect match for your advisory board.

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Our Clients

Companies We’ve Helped

2000+ more

Meet the Team

United Arab Emirates

Sergei Khitrov

Founder & CEO
Forbes 30 Under 30

United Arab Emirates

Kirill Zamkovoy

Executive Director


Margarita Grażhenskaya

Vice President

United Arab Emirates

Pavel Zhavoronkov

Head of Sales


Anastasia Afanaseva

Listing Compliance Manager


Victor Popov

Head of Partnerships & Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Alex Sokolov

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Sam Tolstikov

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Maxim Romanov

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Alexandros Agapidis

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Jorge Denisov

Business Development Manager


Adele Keutaeva

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Walter Venin

PR officer

United Arab Emirates

Irina Mikhailenko

HR Executive

United Arab Emirates

Aleksi Brylev

Business Development Manager

United Arab Emirates

Stanislav Filatyev

Business Development Manager

Joe Simons

AI Manager

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We are public persons and regularly attend many major blockchain events around the world. Speeches of our representatives at conferences, information about past and upcoming events, the achievements of our company, articles from our experts – you can find it all on pages of our blog.

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What is listing on exchange?

Listing in crypto means getting a cryptocurrency or token available for trading on a crypto exchange. When a token is listed, people can buy, sell, and trade it on that exchange.

What is an exchange listing agency?

A crypto exchange listing agency helps crypto projects get their tokens listed on different exchanges. They take care of the complicated process of applying for listings, meeting all the requirements, and negotiating with the exchanges so you don't have to.

Why is listing on exchanges needed in general?

Listing on crypto exchanges is super important for a token's success. It provides liquidity, increases visibility, and makes it easy for people to trade your token. Plus, being listed on well-known exchanges boosts your project's credibility and trustworthiness.

How much does it cost to work with an exchange listing agency?

The cost of working with a listing agency varies depending on several factors, like the complexity of the listing process and which exchange you're targeting. But don't worry—such agencies offer competitive pricing and clear fees to give you the best value for your money. Also, in most cases, listing agencies receive their commission from exchanges, so you don't have to pay anything to the agency.

Can listing agency guarantee getting listed on a certain exchange?

Listing agencies can't promise a specific exchange listing, but their experience and strong relationships with many exchanges greatly improve your chances. Teams work hard to meet all the requirements and showcase your project in the best possible way.

Why should projects choose to work with an agency instead of contacting the exchange directly?

Working with a listing agency is beneficial because they have extensive expertise in the listing process and strong relationships with many exchanges, which helps smooth the way. They handle all the details, saving you time so you can focus on your project. Plus, listing agencies often negotiate better deals than you might get on your own, making it a cost-effective choice.

How does Listing.Help save you at least 10% compared to the official listing price?

Listing.Help uses their industry know-how and connections to get you better deals. Their efficient processes and bulk listings help cut client costs, meaning you pay less than the official listing price and still get top-notch service.

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